Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More birthday flowers . . .

Here's what I guess you could call the "yellow and blue" portion of the bouquet, followed by the whole thing . . .

When I think about giving (or getting) flowers as gifts, my logical brain rails against it. They wither in days, and in the end, you can keep a picture if you remember to take one, or possibly press them to include in other crafts, but neither of those things can capture the true beauty. But there's just something about having beautiful fresh flowers in the house that puts me in a good mood.

Hobbies and things . . .

So, my hobby-filled weekend included two things - baking and knitting. Baking is an old standard, and I went for a cheesecake, to bring into work. It was for a birthday, so I tried to be fancy. The white chocolate was supposed to be colored yellow, but isn't quite dark enough. The raspberry sauce tasted like paste. But, it looks darn good!

Knitting is my second hobby, and is a relatively new one. I had been sewing baby quilts for my friend's first two kiddos, but since I'm trying to finish up, and don't have constant access to a sewing machine, knitting is much easier. And, I'm finding out, if you use US11 needles, goes much quicker. The latest project for the latest kiddo isn't pictured here, though, in case she manages to find my blog!

Another reason I'm taking it up is that hub likes wool socks in the winter. His elderly aunt used to supply them, but her eyesight is beginning to fail, so I have to take up the needles. I've been trying to figure out how to turn a heel for about a year now, but never really tried to do it in earnest until Monday night, since I found a tiny training sock pattern. My brother thinks it's because I've managed to get preggers already, but I *swear* it's not; I don't want to defend my thesis with baby-brain.

I do, however, want to knit socks. They're useful (like baby blankets), less likely to turn out hideously like sweaters sometimes do, and take less time than big garments.

So, behold the first mini-socklet!

There isn't a ruler there (should've thought of that - I'm a scientist!) but it's a little less than 3", toe to heel.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Birthday flowers

I just had my first birthday as a married woman... and it was comforting. My darling husband cooked a gourmet dinner, and I spent the weekend working on hobbies rather than my thesis, as my gift to myself.

And, yes, it was divine... both the dinner and the hobbies.

Hub got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and it was the strangest combination of all colors and styles... here's a photo of the 'pink' portion.

(All images copyright E. Boudreau)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


scientific proof...

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