Monday, October 30, 2006

Small amounts of progress . . .

So, I haven't really written anything of note, considering that the dental surgery that I had on October 2nd was followed up by a bad reaction to the painkillers that they gave me. That wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't caught the flu two days later.

I have been in a fog for over three weeks, and it's horrible.

I've basically switched to being a supportive housewife, because that's pretty much all my brain can handle (that, and sequence analysis, but more on that later). Hubby has to pass his thesis in for mail-out to his examiners in about a week, so I've been cooking, cleaning, making lots of decaffeinated tea, and keeping him away from coffee, because the caffeine brings on panic attacks.

Once he passes the document in, he'll have a month to read/study, and practice his oral presentation (which is already done, and was used as a job talk - so just a little review there).

At that point, he'll have to do the following:

  1. Figure out immigration/visas for me, for when we move in the new year
  2. Find us an apartment for same
  3. Start thinking about packing up this overly stuffed apartment
  4. Cooking, cleaning, making decaffeinated tea, etc.
  5. Nagging the $#!# out of me, so that I write my $#@&!*% thesis.

I will then be free to:

  1. Write my thesis
  2. Make figures for same
  3. Write my thesis
  4. Edit my thesis
  5. Write whatever else is left, and pass the damn thing in.

He managed to get the bulk of his done in about four weeks, so I should be able to take the seven weeks I have before we leave and get it all (mostly) finished.

I'm now looking at a late February defense, which means flying back here for it, but that's OK.

So, yeah, other than sitting around trying to remember how to write my name, I've managed to do some mindless sequence analysis, along with some literature searching for the in silico project. Not completely unproductive, but it was probably about five days worth of work, spread out over three-ish weeks.