Monday, July 31, 2006

Is this art? Or just plain weird?

(Yay photos!)

So, I needed more counter space when cooking dinner last night, so I started moving things around a bit.

All the fruit that could fit in the basket was there already, and I had this one melon left. I couldn't figure out where to put it (I have a problem with putting stuff on the stove while I'm cooking, even if only one element is on), so I shoved it in the only place it would fit.

The coffeemaker.

I may be strange, but this made me smile. Just a little bit.

(All images copyright E. Boudreau)

So this is what everyone means when they say their photos won't load . . .

I had started a post last night, but was waiting for my camera to recharge so I could download some pictures. The pics are on my harddrive now, but I can't seem to upload them...

Hope it's not an omen for the week...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

argh . . .

This weekend has been productive on the home level (dishes, laundry, knitting, etc.) but not so much on the work level.

Hub has been at the bench all day, and was all day yesterday too... so that's making me feel a teensy bit guilty... so guilty, in fact, that I can't tell whether I have a migraine or a stress-headache... or a stress-induced migraine... they're all different, and my head hurts too much to try and differentiate.

But, I feel productive on the baby blanket front. I've changed to my fourth ball of yarn, and I'm a convert - once you get the hang of continental knitting, it flows amazingly fast. Baby is due on Wednesday at noon my time (they're three hours behind, so it'll be 9AM for them), and everyone's feeling good so far. She may well get the blanket before the christening ;-)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Well . . .

. . . Pepsi and cake a good lunch do not make.

Ehn. I hurt now.

But, I just found out that I will indeed get my stipend paid in September. There's always a period of uncertainty when one switches funding sources that it just might run out. But I'm good.

Which is fortunate, considering I just ordered some Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock(tm) on my credit card, and it's not even close to cheap. It's awfully pretty, though ;-)


The meeting. Good and bad. As per usual.

I will get out of here by Christmas.

I will get out of here by Christmas.

Monday, July 24, 2006

How much fun are last minute meetings?

I mean, really.

"Tomorrow. 10am. We'll talk."

I just passed in a thesis outline last week, and we're heading into vacation season for most people, so I guess it's not that surprising.

But, of course, it's always with the palpitations ;-)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I finally got the camera out . . .

. . . but, as per usual, it was the wrong time of day. So, my lighting is all off. But, it's the baby blanket, finally, and I just found out yesterday that I have 15 days to finish it. Peanut is now a scheduled C-section (thank heavens; Peanut's older brothers didn't enter civilization easily), but her brothers got their quilts when they were 2 months old, so perhaps it won't be so bad.

In any case, on to the progress:

Here's a close-up of the hourglass pattern that makes up the body of the blanket . . .

here's the seed-stitch border . . .

. . . and this is the whole thing, folded up on my coffee table.

I figure I'll get it to her by October... just in time for chilly weather. Oh, and it's a Lionbrand free pattern. Very cool.

And, just because it's pretty - here's my latest floral acquisition. My younger brother, who knows I love lilies, bought these off the little guy who sells (typically) roses downtown to men on first dates who are trying to impress. Isn't he impressive? ;-)

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Viva l'Italia!

Well, sort of.

We had a World Cup Final party this weekend, and it was the first time I'd actually watched a televised soccer game... The first time I'd actually watched any form of soccer since the age of 13, when we used to go to see the cute highschool boys play....

But, here's the rub - I used it as an excuse to bake! Two batches of filled cupcakes (chocolate with hazelnut-cocoa filling, and vanilla with lemon curd filling), decorated with team flags (and happy faces for the kiddos):

Third place, and in honour of the nationality of our hosts:

Second place:

And, the winners!
I must say, the game was rather exciting, particularly at the beginning. Rather like hockey, I think; lots of handling, minimal scoring (as opposed to basketball, for example). It's difficult to watch, though, with five children ranging in age from 18 months to 3.5 years, running around the room. The added sugar from the cupcakes probably didn't help, either!

(All images copyright E. Boudreau)