Saturday, August 27, 2005

Anxiety much?

Ok. So I was in a great mindset yesterday. 20 double-spaced pages, no problem.


Never read the rules for your examination if there's a possibility that you'll read something you don't like, or that you'll take them seriously.

It's a bit difficult to see, in black and white, what happens if you (theoretically) fail your exam.

Fail it once, apply to re-exam.

Fail it twice, they're supposed to call the Grand Poobah and recommend you be forcibly removed from the premises.


Now, no one ever fails twice. At least, I've never heard of anyone failing twice. These things tend to fall under the category of "Rulesesque" - they're there as guidelines, but aren't hard and fast; nobody passes in their reports to committee members two weeks in advance, and nobody ever follows their original research plan.

So, why is it when I'm looking at them for my own purposes, I can't be flexible?

Weird how the perfectionist rears its ugly head at the strangest of times.

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