Friday, September 15, 2006

Bills Bills Bills

Is this what it means to be a grown-up? Discovering that dental coverage isn't cheap?

I have one more bill to pay, out of three - One check-up and cleaning (including X-rays), and two visits for fillings. Total: >$700.

And, here's the best part: my teeth still hurt from Monday's fillings and assorted manipulations (Wedge? What the heck is a wedge, and why do you need to use it on my molars?!?) Right now I feel like I did as a teenager, after my braces were tightened - the whole right side of my head has been throbbing for two days.

So, the pain goes on and on. And, better than the best part - I have to get my wisdom teeth extracted in 2 weeks.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaah haahaaaaaaah.

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