Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Never work on your dedication page when you're sleep-deprived and emotional. Trust me.

So, I haven't met any of my personally set deadlines. But, really, is that surprising?

I threw myself back into this in silico project that happens to be going really well, and I have a collaborator that will make it a little bit easier. But, she's been bogged down with a couple of her own deadlines, and is now off on vacation while the weather is still somewhat cooperative. The timing is really not too bad, since I expect to be miserable next week after they rip four molars from my jaw, and I don't have to worry about meeting with her until after I recover. But, it means that this week should be spent on something different.

Like writing.

I HATE writing. It makes me feel somewhat stupid, especially when I'm plagued by writer's block. So I decided to go back over my dedication and acknowledgements pages, which I'd started several months ago.

DAMN, I'm a good writer when it comes to the sappy crappy.

So, I'm sitting here, buzzed out on a pot of coffee, sobbing over my laptop.

Maybe I should just re-type the thoughts I had from my prelim. They're my thoughts, after all. I was going to just cut/paste, but if I type them in again, I can a) re-word more scientifically and b) feel more productive.

Did I mention that I HATE writing?

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