Sunday, February 04, 2007

More data analysis...

So, I may not have mentioned it before, but my thesis has three main projects.

The first one is pretty much done, from data collection to analysis to conclusions.

The second one is about two thirds done; data collection - check. analysis - almost check. conclusions - pretty predictable, so check.

The third one is also pretty much done. data, analysis, conclusions - check check check.

This afternoon I finally sat down to re-do some of the analyses for the second project, which meant I had to re-learn a bunch of programs and methods. I almost had a nervous breakdown, and yelled at my husband twice for no reason. The good thing is, I found some online support material that I hadn't read before, and it helped.

I know now how to complete nearly all of the analyses that I need.

Focussing - it's a good thing.

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