Friday, October 07, 2005

It's technically early Friday morning, and I'm still at work.

So. This book chapter thing.

It turned into a bit of a meta-analysis/database summary thing. At 36 hours before my deadline. And I have 7750 bits of data to amass, which take a minimum of 3 (more like 6) seconds each. That, after some magical calculations, works out to somewhere around 14 hours of straight work. Which I didn't figure out I needed to do until 11PM tonight.

So, it's not humanly possible to do it the way I wanted.

Which means, summarizing the summary.

And, lo, I'm still at work at 2AM.

(and it must be quite obvious that my brain went to bed about 2 hours ago).

So, I shall sign off for 4 hours of sleep (-ish) and then back in. I'll likely collapse tomorrow at supper, but whether I can afford to do that remains to be seen.

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