Thursday, September 08, 2005

6 pages, a *second* meeting, and a whole lotta panic

So, I had a burst of productivity at home yesterday, and realized that I cannot work at the office. I wrote almost an entire page at home, but couldn't get two words down at the office.

Not that this migraine helps ;-)

So, I'm going home again this afternoon to try to get another page. I absolutely must have a draft on Monday to give to the boss, because he'll then have about 3 days to edit it amongst the other million things he has to do, before he leaves for conference again.

On top of that - 8 weeks until the wedding.

This timing really sucks.

And, the second meeting... I have to visit the chair of the department, and explain how wonderful the past year has been, and why my timing sucks, and what's on the plate for the next 8 months.

Fun Fun Fun

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