Thursday, September 15, 2005

I got Punk'd


I baked my beautiful cheesecake for a lab party - our technician had a housewarming party last night at her new place.

We were all excited about it - her house is out in the country, on a beautiful piece of land, and is a really great piece of architecture. Everyone seemed so keen to go, and she seemed so keen to make sure everyone had a ride out (to the point where she actually found a ride for me and fiancé before I had a chance to ask around).

It wasn't a housewarming party.

It was a surprise wedding shower for us, and another labmate who's also getting married three weeks from now.

Fiancé was totally surprised... I got a little suspicious when the driver's cellphone rang, and it was the other couple calling for directions, and when she hung up the phone she muttered, "He'd better not get lost!" It's hilarious simply because I'm usually involved in the secret party planning, but since I've been working from home, they sent one double email (message #1 = housewarming party; message #2 = secret wedding shower, sent to everyone but us) and took a collection and got us gift certificates to our registry.

They put up balloons and streamers, and it was a huge potluck dinner. The house was gorgeous, and our tech has two big friendly dogs that everyone just adores. Plus, there were about a half dozen babies/toddlers to cuddle, which is always good therapy for me.

I love my lab.

(forgot the camera cable again; will post photos after lunch, or tomorrow morning)


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