Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I am a lazy bugger

I guess this is the first official post being made from the new powerbook... as I sit here and watch my iPod charge, which is not terribly exciting.

I've been neglectful of pretty much everything since last Friday... the only significant thing I've done is catch up on laundry.

I still have this book chapter thing to do, and I'm hoping (praying) that I can at least have a draft by the end of the weekend. I'm too distracted by this new toy - trying to install all the necessary software for work and analysis (even though I probably won't use those programs for at least another month or two). Strange the things we use to procrastinate.

I'm also trying to get up the guts to email this other potential post-doctoral supervisor... I emailed him during the summer just to see if he would bite, but I didn't even get a "no thank-you" email back. We're figuring (optimistically) that my email got tagged as spam because I attached my CV, so I'm going to email him again, sans attachments, and see if I at least get a response. If it's a 'no', or there's no answer, I'm going to have to think about finding someone else, but his lab looks really interesting, and really fun.

argh. do these stressors never end?

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