Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bad. Definitely bad.

So, I thought it would be smart to go home for a few days, and recharge the batteries. I figured I was getting so tired that it would be saving downtime in the end to take 3 days completely off, rather than work at less-than-peak capacity for the next three weeks.

Big mistake.

I woke up this morning to an anxiety attack. I'm trying to decide now if (a) I should take fiancé's laptop and try working from home or (b) I should just smack myself in the forehead, shoot 2 double espressos and JUST TYPE.

(I'm not impressed with myself. I seem to have some sort of new-found aversion to doing work AT work. To the point that I'm now researching my own laptop purchase.)

I just don't make sense. Not even in my own head. *sniff*

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